Protect our Ancient Trees and Woodlands – Act before 2nd May!

Everybody can agree that Britain’s ancient listed buildings and monuments deserve protection but what of our veteran trees and woodlands?

At the moment there is no formal legislation in place for their safety but after years of campaigning a new government initiative to reform the housing market does include a new provision that ancient trees should be added to the list of national assets just like ancient buildings.

But unless crucial amendments are also updated in the National Planning policy it will not lead to an increase in the overall protection for our oldest trees and woods. Loopholes would remain where they could still be cut down to make way for housing developments and indeed 700 ancient woods are at risk of such a fate.

That’s why The Woodland Trust has launched an appeal to provide better protection for our ancient trees and woodlands and their cause is urgent. The deadline to help influence government policy is May 2nd 2017.

To read more about how vital it is to protect our natural heritage you can do so by clicking this link to The Woodland Trust/Change Planning Policy. →

And to directly support this important cause click this link to The Woodland Trust’s campaign submission page. →

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