Our most iconic trees in the country’s capital are under threat from an overseas pathogen (Canker stain of Plane) (CSP) (Ceratocystis platani)

This is another pathogen in a long list waiting to invade our shores and the risk is such that The London Tree Officers Association has issued a biosecurity position statement. Will Brexit mean that we can take more control of our imports and stipulate our own requirements for imported plants/trees, wood products etc, more in Continue Reading →

Ash Dieback Disease commonly known as Chalara fraxinea (C. fraxinea)

It is now four years since the first cases of ash dieback or Chalara really hit the headlines and ousted P.ramorum in larch as public tree enemy number one. So let’s just rewind and give a plotted history of Chalara fraxinea and its arrival in the UK. Infected ash had been found widely across mainland Europe Continue Reading →