Tree Reports and Tree Surveys

At Tree Profiles you can be reassured that all tree reports and tree surveys are carried out only by Professional Arboriculturalist Tree Inspectors.

With years of experience, we know exactly how to tailor the report to meet your needs and our services range from preliminary visual inspection to detailed inspections with specialist decay detection equipment.

The types of tree report/surveys we provide are…

  • Tree Health & Safety Survey/Reports
  • Tree Decay Detection Testing

You may need an Arboricultural inspection to…

  • Satisfy the requirements of your building insurer
  • Support an application to work on protected trees;
  • Help the legal liability of tree owners and occupiers of land with trees;
  • Avoid costly unnecessary tree works.

Following an inspection, our consultant will prepare a fully detailed report on the condition of the tree(s) and advise on recommended action. A report that may mitigate your liability associated with the area you control and provide the best possible defense against any potential negligence claims.

So whether for a single tree or a large estate, choose Tree Profiles to provide a comprehensive tree report or survey to satisfy any need.